November 5, 2007

Borat's Stuffed Thong, Or Knitted Icons: The Most Complete List


Alright, I notice there is no comprehensive list of all 25 celebrity doll patterns in Carol Meldrum's book, Knitted Icons: 25 Celebrity Doll Patterns. So I've compiled what I can from the various write-ups, which only make me wonder why people leave out the ones they do.

Marilyn Monroe
King Kong
Chairman Mao
Jailhouse Rock-era Elvis
Fat, Jumpsuit-era Elvis
Queen Elizabeth II
Blonde Ambition-era Madonna
Bob Marley
Mr. T
Bruce Lee
Che Guevara
Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly
Jacqueline Onassis
Sgt Pepper-era Beatles [that might count as four]
Sacha Baron Cohen/Borat
Amy Winehouse

Hmm. That's twenty, and we're already to Amy Winehouse? I guess this title works better than 20 Celebrity Doll Patterns, Plus 5 Patterns Of Runners Up On UK Big Brother. Though frankly, if it weren't for Borat and Winehouse, this list sounds like it could've been made anytime after the debut of Madonna's conical bra.

Still, it could very well be the best Bruce Lee knitting pattern in existence, so whatryagonnado?

[amazon via craftzine]

Previously: Vintage Mr. T Cabbage Patch-y Dolls, LOTS of them. I mean, like a pathologically large number. And more on the way. And more you can buy. And make. The show's been off the air for 20 years, people. Seriously.



My name a Jonny the monkey, number one most famous celebrity in all Kazakhstan and host of popular children TV show on Kazakh channel 2. Also star in movie film "Transsibirskiy Ekspress" plus many many other pornos...

Me wonder if could tell where to buy this knitted Borat doll? It would make great scarecrow to keep gypsies away from pubis harvest.


NOTE: This comment was 'hand signed' by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and posted those words here

[I am so confused... -ed.]

I notice there is a Marilyn Monroe doll for sale on eBay. Apparently it was created using the pattern from the Knitted Icons Book.


Thank you for posting the great blurb about Knitted Icons on your blog. I couldn't help but write to make a correction.

A London newspaper profiled the book and asked readers to submit their own icons - The Borat and Amy Winehouse doll, although cute in their own right, were submissions to the newspaper and not related to the actual book!

As for the actual list of icons, they are:

Marilyn Monroe
Bruce Lee
Abraham Lincoln
Jackie O
Che Guevara
Jimi Hendrix
Albert Einstein
James Dean
Muhammad Ali
King Kong
Andy Warhol
Chairman Mao
The Beatles
Charlie Chaplin
Queen Elizabeth II
Bob Marley
Audrey Hepburn
Bob Dylan
Mr T
Ziggy Stardust

Thank you!


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