November 4, 2007

It's Baaaack! Formerly Addictive & Deadly Veggie Booty Now Just Addictive & Messy


Hide your white pants and wash the slipcovers, because Veggie Booty is back.

I was just at the hippie grocery store, and there was a stack of cases of the formerly recalled snack known as Baby Crack.

Sure enough, according to the Robert's website, the salmonella- and e-coli-laden Chinese spices are out, and All-American spices are in:

Is Veggie Booty safe to eat?

Yes! And here is how you can tell:

* Check that your bag of Veggie Booty "sell by date" is in 2008 or greater
* You will recognize the new bags as they do not have any pictures of bones in the front upper right and left hand corners
* All ingredients are from US sources only
* All seasonings are going through a much more stringent testing process now and we can tell you that all tests have been negative on our new seasoning for salmonella and e-coli.

To recap: Veggie Booty marked with skull & crossbones = deadly. Veggie Booty with noskull & crossbones = safe. Any questions? [Besides the one that's obvious in retrospect: Why the hell did a baby snack have a poison symbol on the label?]

Our Products - Veggie Booty []
Previously: Total Veggie Booty Recall after Salmonella outbreak


Probably re-used the bag design from the Pirate Booty (much better, btw, imho).

Please tell me the skull and crossbones aren't removed from Pirate Booty, as well...

Yep, My Step-Sister purchased some last week. I did not see it at the Whole Food's last week, but I'm sure it will be there this week. We have made due with other options. The latest is Snikiddy's Grilled Cheese Puffs. They are little round balls like the Planter's snacks, but they are organic. It's funny, I am super picky as to my 19 month old daughter eats, but I ate a Milky Way left over from Halloween last night. Hmmm.

Are these anything like Pirate Booty? Because the girls and I thought that was pretty much styrofoam covered with a little cheese powder. (Hm, where is that vomit smiley when I need it?)

[yeah, this is totally different: kale-infused styrofoam covered with little GREEN powder. -ed.]

Yep. Not a treat for most adults.

But like Greg has said many times, "crack for kids".

You gonna start the Veggie Booty Maki again???

I just choked on my veggie crisps. I never noticed the cross bones before.

No, actually pirate booty is styrofoam but veggie booty is actually tastier. I don't know if it's the green fingers or what not but veggie booty outbeats even the fruity booty kind in our household.

Our kids love the Snikiddy Puffs. Skull & Crossbones or no skull & crossbones, staying away from the Veggie Booty.

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