November 4, 2007

Danish Rattan Rocking Horse At Jennifer Delonge, Craigs Delist


From Design*Sponge we learn that Jennifer Delonge, the paragon of Westside infant chic, is now offering a carefully edited selection of "fresh" vintage furniture, or as we say in the biz, "a few great pieces."

Among them: a very fresh-looking rattan rocking horse [$699], which is attributed to the atelier of an unidentified Danish designer.

Intrigued by a fresh challenge, I began searching the web. There was one "Vintage rattan tiki rocking horse" which didn't sell on eBay recently, but there was no mention of Denmark, only St Petersburg, Florida. And anyway, it was only $200.


Closer but still inconclusive, is a recent Bay Area Craigslisting, which shows a similar horse, though there's no ear, and it points the entirely opposite way.


Based on the evidence, I suspect this Rocking Horse is a previously unknown work by the under-appreciated master of Danish rattan, Pier Onesen.

Fresh Vintage (Scandinavian Rocker) $699 [ via design*sponge]
Rattan rocking horse $15 (coastside) []

Totally unrelated: Vintage Rattan Tiki Rocking Horse Eames Era, $200 shipped [ebay]

1 Comment

I see those all the time in antique stores. I've never been impressed enough to buy one, though I'd say $15 is a bit closer to their actual fair market value than $699.

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