November 3, 2007

It's My City In A Box, Baby!

, originally uploaded by asa*.

Alright, the punch-out cardboard toy in a box student project thing at Dutch Design Week just got A LOT more interesting.

Check. That. Out. The sheet of taxis and Statues of Liberty is in the foreground there, while the open box for Paris seems to show an already folded-together Arc de Triomphe.

I'd love to see a box packed full of cardboard sheets that transforms entirely into toy. I guess striking the right balance between fold-it-yourself and ready-out-of-the-box is tricky. Still, why settle for pretty graphic presentation on that taxis and buses sheet, when you could stick a few hot dog carts on there and eliminate even more extraneous packaging?

Still, that bouquet of flowers is well-deserved. Names, we need names, people. We need to read Moco Loco more closely in the springtime. City in a Box is by Patricia Weusten, who also proposed a breastfeeding compartment on the train with fold-down changing tables built into the seats. It's called the Mother & Child Unit. Because in extremely conservative regimes like the Netherlands, no one wants to see a naked breast in a normal, public train compartment, and like breastfeeding, changing diapers is strictly a woman's job. Now someone get me a bier.

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Wow this is gorgeous! Can't you see Ikea marketing these? Anything that parents can play with (putting it together/setting it up) and kids will enjoy is a big plus in my book.

This reminds me of the city in a bag by Muji. Am I dreaming?

[nope, I thought the same thing, only less choke hazardy -ed.]

LOVE IT!! Know if it's on the market?

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