November 2, 2007

Rolling Stone Owner Gathers Dos Mas

Hey, Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner and his art-dealing househusband Matt Nye are expecting twins in January! [BusinessWeek reporter John Fine is too polite to mention the involvement of a womb.]

Nye & Wenner's first kid should be around 15 months old by now, but I don't think I've ever heard a gossipy peep about him/her. I would've thought that Us Magazine'd be all over that story, staking paparazzi outside the couple's building trying to get Bugaboo pics, but no. I wonder why.

The Last Tycoon [sic] of Print [businessweek via gawker]

Previously: Jann Wenner and the protocols of gay parenting

1 Comment

Isn't Jann like 80? 90? I mean Rolling Stone just had it's 40th anniversary, so if I'm doing my math correctly he should be eligible for Social Security before his kids are in kindergarten.

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