November 1, 2007

It Bag Names Vs. Baby Names


the Chloe Beata

At this very minute, in a cultural arena you never paid attention to, a name you like--perhaps it's even a family name on your shortlist--may be getting kicked around and weighted down with who-knows-what kinds of implications. And you may only find out about it by accident, like when the NYT publishes an article about the It Bag phenomenon:

Yet this is a moment when every bag seems to have, in addition to a price tag that could be confused with a ZIP code, a name that conjures up images of a wealthy enclave or a cast member of “Gossip Girl.” Heloise, Mathilde and Beata are bags by Chloé; Mariah, Camila and Elsa come from Marc Jacobs; the Uptown, the Downtown and the Muse are designs from Yves Saint Laurent, not buildings by André Balazs.
Needless to say, Uptown is now off our list. In fact, all the post-Yves YSL names are.

Is This It For The It Bag [nyt]
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Can I sue Marc Jacobs for putting my kids name on an ugly-ass $2800 bag?

[i'm sorry. I know some Mathilde parents who're bummin' too. -ed.]

Beata is/was a nice name

[and as the purse blog notes, a very manly bag -ed.]

For what it's worth, I used to work at Marc Jacobs and many of the bags were named after people - designers that worked there, their new babies, models, celebs, etc. No surprise then that the bags names would follow naming trends.

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