October 31, 2007

For Sale: Baby Crib. Never Price-Checked.

If Ernest Hemingway really did write the short story, "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." I'm sure he never could have imagined it'd be quoted 10,000 times a day on eBay.


Quoted, and occasionally surpassed. This line from the description of a crib for sale pulled me up short, partly because there are so many ways to interpret it:

"Anyway, we got two and only need one, so here it is for you to enjoy!"

I imagine a stoic Midwestern family, struggling to put a happy face on rather than unload their grief on a stranger. Then I realize the Wal-Mart crib is being described as "hard to find!" and that it's being flipped for $180 more than its retail price.


And now I can't decide if this story's more Flannery O'Connor or Jim Thompson.

If your muse is down for naptime, why not throw your 10-words-or-less short story in the comments?

~New~ Modern 3 in 1 Crib ~ Solid wood ~ Mod ~ Baby, $400 buy it now, +$80 shipping [ebay via dt reader mark]
Baby Mod - ParkLane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Amber and White, $299.98, free shipping [walmart.com]

Previously: Iscrewya: $119 Ikea crib, now $311 on eBay


For free: unopened box of condoms. My loss, your gain.

What I love is that when you click on your former "Iscrewya" post, as that auction is now finished, Ebay gives you a list of "similar" items. The above is top of the list.

Yup, Ebay, you got that search right.

There was an Eames furniture designs stamp kit that Apartment Therapy linked to in their eBay scavenger recently. It was touted as one-of-a-kind and eventually went for $40 incl. shipping. Amazon's price is $14.77.

When I was in college, I had a friend who made a lot of money listing things on eBay for more than he could get them on Amazon. After the auction closed, he'd just buy the thing he was "selling" from Amazon and have it shipped directly to his buyer.

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