October 30, 2007

Plush Companion Cube [Non-Weighted]


Some noob with awesome sewing skills posted a picture of this sweet, plush Companion Cube [from the X-Box 360 game Portal] to the papercraft/origami section of rambunctious anime fansite 4chan, where Kotaku picked it up.

The result: a foul-mouthed flamewar on 4chan about Kotaku poseurs harshing their Portal plushie buzz. And while I debated the wisdom of linking a dadblog to a pack of immature anime snobs at all, I remembered that the origami peacock and Neanderthal mask I made during a post-5th grade summer trip to my grandparents' won 2nd prize in the Utah County Fair. That day, I was crowned OG Origami Gangsta, which lets me link to any damn origami forum I want, any time, for life. I also got ten dollars.

/po/ papercraft & origami - Plushie Companion Cube [4chan.org via kotaku, where the comments are slightly more mature and much more meta]


Just to let you know it's not brought from originally the 360 but really is a work of art that was first made for computer play! 8D "THE CAKE IS A LIE YOU WILL DIE"

the game is multiplatform, not only for the 360. Broaden your scope of the gaming world.

[sorry, my bad. It's on the PC, too, which doesn't strike me as a gaming platform. PS3 is out this month. But of course, last month when I originally wrote this, it was not available. If someone makes a plush version of a random object from a PS3 game or even a Wii, I'll be happy to write about it. -ed.]

quote: "sorry, my bad. It's on the PC, too, which doesn't strike me as a gaming platform."

You have to be joking, right? ALL games came from the "Computer", thats all consoles are!

Sorry, but I had to say it. Not trying to be smart or an *ss. Portal is a kick-ass game, and long live the Companion Cube!


sorry but it came on the pc as well so check up next time :)

and the cake is a lie.

[I mentioned that, but I really don't give a damn about your silly platform wars. Besides, it comes out on Playstation 3 tomorrow. Comments are now closed. -ed.]

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