October 29, 2007

Playmobil Dad Almost Pushes Stroller


A heads up to all those dads who don't feel validated until you've been commoditized in plastic, you may now give yourself a big hug. For the first time, Playmobil has introduced #4408, Dad with Stroller. Specifically, it looks like a Mutsy stroller.

Of course, as DT reader Shawna mentioned, it's listed under the "Hospital" playset category, "so maybe dad just has the kid because mom’s sick…" Still, progress.

4408 - Dad with Stroller, $5.99 [playmobilusa.com]
Buy Playmobil 4408 - Dad with Stroller at amazon


Alternate view: Playmobil Dad watches Playmobil Daughter play "Playmobil Mommy" as said daughter pushes a Playmobil baby stroller. Playmobil Dad keeps a hand on the stroller's side to assure the baby's safety, but smiles nervously because someone might see him touching a baby stroller.

[i will, of course, defer to your superior Playmobil judgment-ed.]

Now see in this one, http://store.playmobilusa.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-US-Site/en_US/Product-Show?pid=3209&cgid=Citylife-Modernes_Wohnen , the dad is actually touching the Maclaren knock-off.

Is it me, or does the dad in the Maclaren knock-off Playmobil photo look like Dutch?

In the Maclaren knock-off photo, it looks to me like two women taking their family out for a stroll.

The marketing text merely states, "The happy family walks the dog." The clothing is gender-neutral and the "dad" has hair as long as the mom. Also note that the blonde mom and brunette "dad" produced a red-headed kid. It's not impossible, but unlikely, unless artificial insemination was in play.

Just because the blonde has eyelashes and her partner doesn't, it's no reason to be jumping to conclusions.

[Did Dutch's mom ask you to say that? -ed.]


Sorry to crush your l-word fantasy but the details on the Playmobil site are as follows...

"Time again for an idyllic family outing, and of course the family dog has to accompany the family of four. The baby is pushed along in its stroller by Dad while Mom can take pictures of everything with her camera."

[Also, my parents are brunettes and I'm a redhead...and before you get on a mailman kick, I look like both of my parents...]

:) NM

[Playmobil IS just like the real world! -ed.]

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