October 29, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: Cookie, CPSC, Gap For Kids By Kids Edition

Some news big and small from around the browser tabs:

  • Safety Chief is Opposing More Money [nyt]
    CPSC Chairwoman takes break from strangling agency to remind Congress the agency needs not money, authority, or staff, but more strangling.
  • Simplicity Crib Repair Kits Ready [cpsc.gov]
    Hey, and only two years after the CPSC found out the cribs were potentially deadly but didn't have the investigative resources or authority to do anything about it, and only five weeks after they were forced to recall the cribs because of a reporter's questions! You keep on keepin' on, Commissioner Nord!
  • Busted: Gap Sweatshop Videos Cause Uproar [abcnews via consumerist]
    Ever wonder how Gap Kids is able to sell embroidered anything for so cheap? The factory who bought these children embroiderers just became the 24th Gap supplier to be let go this year [emphasis added because the Gap sells childrens' clothes made by child slaves but only pulls the merchandise caught on tape.]
  • Parenting Newbie Cookie Is a Friend to Upscale Moms [adage]
    That whole "No fatties" thing really pays off! Congrats to Cookie, which was just named Magazine Launch of the Year by AdAge. Not sure which year, but if your marketing plan revolves around a uterus, this article will speak to you. Did you know the Porsche Cayenne is a chick car? Also: "'It takes a village to raise a child' -- where is this village? Cookie is this village."
  • You know, I had a couple more, but I can't top that village quote.


    "If you weren't aware that a parenting-lifestyle magazine genre existed, well, you're not alone: Cookie is the segment's only occupant,"

    What, have they never heard of "Brain, Child" 'for thinking mothers?' That is a great magazine.

    ["lifestyle" is a category for advertisers, of which Brain, Child seems to have exactly three, none of which is Prada or Porsche. -ed.]

    #1 GAP & Old Navy
    Nothing says love this holiday season like sweat from another kid. I love how they just pull the sub-contractor out from their pants.

    #2 Cookie?!
    So does this mean if I subscribe then the "village of Cookie" will come clean up the 2am teething screamer?? If so sign me up for 2!

    Thanks for the clarification on the "lifestyle=advertising thing per Conde Nast's world view. Guess I should have kept my 'cynical hat' on my head after all (I've been trying to wear it less often these days.)

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