October 28, 2007

Viva La Revolvolution! Viva La PV445 Wagon At Tokyo!


Not since last Spring, when Colin Powell tinkered amiably under the hood of his 122S for the New York Times, has Volvo challenged the world to ask, "Uh, and you don't make cars this awesome anymore because...why, exactly?"

Jalopnik has a gallery of a pristinely restored mid-1950's PV445 Wagon, aka the Volvo Duett, which the Ford subsidiary rather bravely displayed alongside their newer models at the Tokyo Auto Show.

Tokyo Motor Show: Super Rad Volvo Duett [jalopnik via jjdaddy-o]
Vintage Volvos Earn Their Stripes (Ask the General Who Owns One) [nyt, mar 07]

1 Comment

Oh great; I'm hitting the show while I'm in Japan, and now I have to add yet another car to the ever-growing list of "must-see" stuff.

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