October 24, 2007

Wha? They Said "Breast" On Sesame Street??

Yeah, like 30 years ago. That's when Big Bird gets a lesson in breastfeeding from the folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie and her infant son Cody. Of course, Big Bird also has a personality, and Buffy carefully anunciates, "ve-ge-tuh-bles," so it really was a different era.

Also, the kid's full name: Dakota Starblanket Wolfchild. Well played.

Sesame Street - Buffy Nurses Cody [youtube via dt reader stephanie]
She co-wrote the theme song for Officer & A Gentleman? Buffy Sainte-Marie [wikipedia]


Wow! That means a whole cohort of current 34 year olds were exposed to the disgusting and explicit act of breastfeeding on TV. I hope they all got therapy, and CTW paid for it.

[also, feathers in their hair. -ed.]

what would bill maher think of that? it'd traumatize him!

also, starblanket? really? blanket - isn't that what crazy michael jackson calls his window-hanging baby?

if you look up breastfeeding and sesame street on youtube, there's also a clip out there from that same era (i think) that shows different animals nursing from their mamas and ends with a human baby nursing. it's pretty cool. i showed it to my daughter and she got psyched to see all the animals having "roo-roo" too. and yes, she calls it roo-roo. no idea.

[wow, I remember that, which means it's earlier, no later than '73-74. -ed.]

After being viewed 50,000 times in 4 weeks, the clip has been taken down on youtube!
14,000 clips tagged "sesame street" remain on the site


[forget you ever saw it. nothing happened here. move on. also, abby cadabby makes a perfect holiday gift. -ed.]

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