October 23, 2007

Chicco Is The Man: Ballistic Bimmer Blowout Barely Bothers Budapest Baby


So Balazs is blazing along the "Hungarian autobahn" in his BMW E61 M5 Touring--though to be honest, 180kmh is only 80mph 112mph, not very fast for an M5 or an autobahn--when he has a rear tire blowout, which starts the car spinning, which bounces it into the wall, which triggers the airbags, causing grey powder-out conditions and temporary deafness in the car, which is still going 140 as it flips over twice and slides to a sideways, right side-up stop.

Everyone walks away without a scratch, except for his daughter, who doesn't have a scratch, but can't walk, because she's only seven months old.

I know what you're thinking, and it took four whole days before anyone on the M5 Board asked: the car seat was "the one that comes with the Chicco CT 0.1 package," which I believe is the Auto-Fix Plus, below [the link is just to ebay UK; the European search results for this thing are a freakin' mess of shopping portals.]


And duh yeah, he got a new M5 Touring, too, only Diopside black instead of Alpine white.

Photos and story of autobahn crash (No more... Alpine White E61 M5 Touring) [m5board.com via carscoop]
New CHICCO CT 0.1 Pram/Pushchair & Car Seat Dolly BNIB, £229.95 [ebay.co.uk]

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I believe 180km/h per hour is equivalent to 112mph.

[yes, I believed that, too, until I divided it by 2.2, which is, of course, the number of pounds in a kilogram. -ed.]

...honest mistake.
I still think it's a mistake when I realize how much cheaper it was to buy The Bee fully kitted out from N.M. rather than purchasing it here (base model) in Canada, especially now that our dollar has reached parity with the greenback.
All I can say is NICE!!!

Uh . . .180 kph (or klicks as we Canadians call 'em . . ) is about 106 mph. Kinda freakin' fast even for the Hungarian autobahn.

Corzine totally got a pass. Seat belt yadda yadda -- he wouldn't have crashed in the first place if he hadn't been doing 91 in a 65 zone.

The cynical part of me almost thinks that this is a stunt pulled by BMW to get people to spring the extra $2,400 for those damn run-flat tires.

So let's see here: 100 mph + with a seven month old in the car? What an as*hole.

[which seems to be the extreme minority view of the M5board.com crowd, fwiw. -ed.]

I was wondering when the first person to say that would be (in reference to the asshole comment). So if this had taken place on a German autobahn where this is no posted speed limit and 180 km/h is considered relatively "slow", would you still think that? Fact is that 180 km/h is not considered particularly fast for that part of the world.

'considered relatively slow' is of course about cultural perception, which all the crushed metal etc doesn't care a twat about. it is still up to the driver to decide what a safe speed for their car is, carrying a child or not. and it doesn't seem like this was the best judgement, even though they managed to get out ok. its kind of like saying its considered normal to drink a lot of wine in France, so even if your pregnant you can, or something like that, as if there is no capacity to make independent judgement.

Doing (eg) 65mph on the autobahn is a damn sight more dangerous than doing 112.
Imagine someone doing a steady 30mph on the interstate with everyone honking and flashing them and pulling out to overtake...
becster - [bona fide European]

NB that seat is available in the UK for £70 here - email them for shipping costs.

The M5 board can blow me. It's about your cargo and the people you share the road with, not your ego.

Speed is what the driver can control and not be a danger to themselves or others. Speed is not just how fast the car can go.

What if Mr. M5 had taken out someone else while dancing across the highway?

As for everyone driving that fast, not really. I lived in Europe for a long time. There are lanes to the right, no? Gas is really expensive, no? Most people drive small cars with little engines, no? 110km/h - 125 km/h (70-85mph) seemed quite the norm. Don't forget all those lorries as well. And, this was back before everyone had a cell phone.

Off my soap box.

Hey it's 180km/h not 250 though. Yes Chicco's carseats are said to very good and here's an example. They've been sold in Europe since 1956 (well, that's when the company started). I used a Chicco stroller myself, along with a Bebecar.

Babies love hardcore speed. I love watching my little sammy's head snapping around in the rear view mirror as stomp on the gas pedal. Helps the neck muscles develop.

What isn't cool is that this M5, with electronic brains and extremities galore, went out of control because of a rear tire blowout. There's no way that should happen and BMW should be ASHAMED.

100+ mph can be safe, relative to a lot of risks that I'm sure you all expose your children to. Swimming? Bicycling? I'll go out on a limb and say that on a VMT basis, driving 100 mph on a straight road w/o a lot of other traffic is significantly safer riding a bicycle or walking in an urban environment. See http://www.transact.org/report.asp?id=149

However, the fact that he went off the road because of a rear tire blowing would indicate to me that this was not a particularly safe place to drive 112 mph.

180 = 112.5 miles/ hour
divide by 8 multiply by 5
a km is 5/8 of a mile

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