October 22, 2007

Where's Gumby, Dammit? Awesome Zinus Travel Pillow Thing


Coming back from Miami, I saw a kid with this crazy green Gumby-looking neck pillow on. It looked like a toy being used as a neck pillow, or some weird hybrid of the two, with that tactile nylon & microbead combo that's so popular with the kids these days.

So popular, I can't find a single mention of it anywhere besides one random, ended eBay auction, "ZINUS MOSHI LIKE BLUE GUMBY?" which happened to include Gumby in the description.

Zinus is a bedding company whose site makes no mention of a travel pillow, Gumbyish or otherwise. Moshi is like "eames era," another, better known name that gets thrown into every eBay auction of beanbaggy toys. Actual Moshi toy pillows do have adorably distended appendages, but they're also plain, old plush animals, with none of Zinus's abstract charm; they lack Gumbyism.

Anyone know about these things?

Zinus International, Inc. [zinusinternational.com]


I totally just saw this at Tuesday Morning last week. It was a red one and I thought it was cool, but it had been written on with marker.

i thought that the company Mogu, made a person like pillow, however their website now redirects to a wine site.... odd. This is the only pic i can find in my quick search http://www.yourmood.net/yourmood/magazine/mogu.jpg there used to be a Mogu store in soho... i will be down there later this afternoon. I will let you know if its still there and if they have any gumby like pillows.

OMGosh! Who knew the Gumby-thing that appeared to me to be a a prime piece of junk would end up in cyber infamy? We have (well, had) one - the crazy grandma (his, not mine) gave one to DS1 last year. Don't tell her, but I'm pretty sure I passed it along to the Salvation Army. (I am not a chronic regifter, but she has about 8 cats, and I can't stomach thinking about what might be clinging to the stuff in her house....)
Never actually tried it - maybe we really missed out? Based on the source, I would guess they were sold at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

[lololol -ed.]

well, i am looking foa a replacement pillow for my guy who is addicted to them...we have three pillows of differing colors and shapes and the body length one is all stretched out. i too am looking for source so let me know too if anyone finds anything.

Oh, I used to work for Zinus, this is a prototype but I think they used to sell it at Wal-Mart. We used to call it the alien man.

[makes sense, they turn up on eBay now. I just bought a Zinus for three bucks. -ed.]

This may seem random, but I swear it's relative. I'm from California and came to Missouri and stayed a night in my cousin's double-wide trailer. I was a little worried about trying to get "comfy" on the couch to sleep. During my visit she let me use this pillow thingy and it was AWESOME. The tag said ZINUS and it didn't look like the gumby man above. It looked like a rolled pillow. She said she bought it at Wal-Mart. Where can you get this thing? EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE! Thank you.

[the Zinus website is full of travel-type pillows, only none of them were shaped like Gumby. The one I bought on eBay was supposedly from Wal-Mart, too. which would explain why I've never seen it before or heard of it. -ed.]

We're in the process of looking for one of these (we have a small neck roll type zinus stretchy pillow)but my daughter had a much larger one & loved it but it's now falling apart (the little pills/beads inside leaking out).
Did you find one? If so WHERE???? She works at Walmart & they don't have them anymore, I believe the company filed bankrupcy... so is the random ebay auction our only option???

that's where i found mine.

I am desperately looking for a micro bead gumby like toy for my granddaughter. It looks like the blue one here on your site. I need it in light green. Do you know where I can find one.

Thank you for your help.

Max, would you happen to know where I may find one of these zinus mivro bead gumby like pillows in green for a replacement for my granddaughter.

I have one of those pillows guys in great condition, although I think some beads are missing or something. He's not super full or anything, but he doesn't have any rips or anything either. He's like neon green. I want more lol.

I have one of the green ones! I got him in Florida about 5 or 6 years ago from Wal-Mart. Actually, I used to put him around my neck and have been to Miami once, but I would have been 22 or 23 at the time, so not really a kid. But yeah. I call him Zinus, he's my favorite pillow. He's a little dirty , now, though. I was trying to find the safest way to wash him when I found your post.

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