October 22, 2007

Gold Mamas & Papas Stroller Now Amortized In 4th Quarter, Too

Ah, the changing of the seasons, and the quarterly amortization of publicity stunt-stroller expenses. A young Czech lad was photographed over the weekend riding in one of the ten Mamas & Papas Ziko Gold strollers rumored to exist. The...
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"So We Had This Idea" And Then We Killed It: The 2001 VW Microbus Video

One of the highlights of the Iconosphere event last week was meeting one of the big new marketing brains at Volkswagen. The first thing I did--after high-fiving him on the company's awesome 40-Germans-in-a-Malibu-beach-house research stunt, Project Moonraker, was to tell...
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RAW Clothing, Awesome Handmade Gifts, By My Modern Life

My Modern Life is an eBay seller in Lincoln Nebraska who first crossed my radar when she posted some vintage toys in insanely great condition by Creative Playthings and Kay Bojesen. As if that wasn't awesome enough, My Modern...
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Where's Gumby, Dammit? Awesome Zinus Travel Pillow Thing

Coming back from Miami, I saw a kid with this crazy green Gumby-looking neck pillow on. It looked like a toy being used as a neck pillow, or some weird hybrid of the two, with that tactile nylon &...
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How To Dress Your Kid Like A Tenenbaum

The kid's been wearing hats outside since she brained herself on our front door a couple of months ago. Keeps the scar out of the sun, which helps it heal. She's been wearing these preppy little bucket hats, but...
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What, No Repair Kit? Simplicity Crib Recall Timing Was Simply PR

On their safety blog, On Safety, Consumer Reports reports consumers are finding that fixing their deadly, recalled Simplicity cribs is not so simple [you still with me?]:The CPSC press release urges consumers who have the crib to call Simplicity for...
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