October 21, 2007

Daddy Types' Advertisers Are GRASE

Fact: GRASE is an official category of medications at the FDA. It stands for Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective.

Which is such a coincidence, because Daddy Types' advertisers are, too! At least now that the multi-level laptop marketing scheme guy is gone. So a big shoutout to the advertisers who fund the research into 19th century baby doping, including:

  • Kajeet: easy, affordable cell phones 4 kids.
  • Smart Television Alliance, a nationwide group of nonprofits who advise parents to get smart about all the commercials and violence their kids are getting exposed to on TV--unless, perhaps, they are using a TiVo?
  • Vincent, sweet kicks for kids from stylin' Swedes. The new fall collection is in right now.
  • The Fine Art of Family: lockets, bracelets, and other fine family jewelry designed by fine art photographer Monica Rich Kosann, probably guaranteed to be very photogenic.
  • Sparkability, who, when they're not busy giving away Eames Rockers on other blogs, offers all sorts of better design for kids and families.

    And from another regular DT advertiser, a special heads up, now through Oct. 28: Big BOB Stroller Sale at JoggingStroller.com 10% off, plus, free shipping over $100. Jog, don't walk.

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