October 19, 2007

She's Baaack! ModMom Designs, Builds Owyn Toy Box


See, was that so hard? Kiersten at Mod Mom Furniture is making kid furniture in her garage again, furniture that's even based on her own designs. And it's not bad at all. As before, you can buy with confidence, knowing everything is 100% guaranteed to have been made in West LA by a former marketing executive while her kids are watching TV.

The Owyn Toy Box has leaves for lids, for example, which is cool, and the mid-century legs from her first original design [now dubbed the Gracie Toy Box] to get some notice. If it's made the same way as the little Maisy cube stool [below], the toy box vines are hand-drawn and hand-cut veneer laid down under the low-VOC poly.


MMF also has some nice table & chair options, too. If you ask, I bet she'd put those fingerholes on the seatback of that Patrick chair, so a kid could use them to drag the it around. I don't quite get the lazy susan option, but then, I'm not Asian.

Owyn Toy Box, $220+shipping, and other stuff, $35-350 [modmomfurniture.com and etsy, via babygadget]
Previously: you know what, just Google it if you must.


You added that last part just for me, didn't you, Greg? ;)

[you're not my only best friend who's Asian, you know -ed.]

hmmm Greg.
First you SLAM the hell out of her for not being orignal.. then when she IS original you STILL slam her.....kinda makes you look like you are just bitter that she actually DOES something with her time....either that or you just have a need to beat a dead horse! Isn't anyone else on the internet making furniture that is more deserving of your undying attention??

[hi, you want to point me to the slam part? I must have missed it. -ed.]

Care to point out the "slam" in this post, Denise? Sounds pretty complimentary to me.

Stuff's not bad looking at all. Some of the detailing is a little rough, but it is more or less homemade, so that's to be expected.

I just stumbled upon this site (not sure how, actually!), but felt the need to support ModMom, as I have read your previous postings on her work. Kiersten came to my preschool, looked at the decor of the room and designed a toy/dress-up box for my classroom that is phenomenal. It is well made, sturdy and works perfectly. I know that all of ModMom's stuff is FULLY homemade (unless you actually require ModMom to chop down the trees herself), as I was invited to her garage to comment on the design as the toy box was being created. I'm glad to see you are somewhat positive about her products now, as before you did seem to be unnecessarily bitter.

[yeah, I have no idea how a modmom customer might have stumbled across a conciliatory post within hours of it being written. If you'd Googled mommom, though, you might have found the earlier posts right next to her own site. And though the MMF posse line is apparently to insult me for being bitter, I'll just split the difference with you and say that yes, I was angry at all the fawning over her for designs she'd stolen from others, as well as her and her friends' attempts to deny it at first. I'm kool and the gang now and hadn't planned to bring it up, but if that's what you folks want, when you see MM at dropoff, you can tell her "Mission Accomplished." -ed.]

well, Greg, perhaps there is no particular "slam" here....BUT...if you consider this post "complimentary" I would hate to be your friend, or even worse....your wife!

Wow. Bringing the wife into it. Pretty low.

Damn, because I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a friend raging around online like a loon, sticking up for my brand by making ad hominem and factually inaccurate comments that, when immediately disproved, are followed by insults against a family member instead of apologies.

Are you sure you won't reconsider? Also, though I actually said "conciliatory," not "complimentary," I would consider phrases like "not bad at all" and "cool" to be compliments. And the callouts of MMF's customization offer, and her veneer technique would be the same. And I thought that refraining from even mentioning or linking to the past design-stealing scandal and your empty, fully refuted defense of it was extremely restrained on my part. So yeah, you're welcome.


While I appreciate your commitment to keeping everyone abreast of what I'm doing in my garage and including me in several of your posts, I feel like I can't win with you no matter what I say or do( i.e., this post's condescending tone and assumptions about me.)

I'm not really sure what else to write except that I don't live in West LA, my son and daughter are 5 and 9 so we're past preschool, and I don't drive a Range Rover - a previous post reference. So I guess it's my turn to now claim that I've dispelled some factually inaccurate comments.

If you'd like to contact me directly, please feel free to email me at kiersten@modmomfurniture.


nice idea Kiersten...but I am sure you will never hear directly from the daddy typer, as he seems to be way to big a coward for a face to face confrontation....his power is in the safety of his own anonymous little world he has created for himself.

Too bad though, as I am sure if he DID email you directly you could clear a few more things up for him!

oh and P.S. Greg~ thanks so much for the oh so "restrained" name calling!! ("loon") that is SO grown up of you.... you're right... you are MUCH more educauted and erudite than I.

what a big boy.

[big boy's taking his toys, and you're going home. this misspelling was your last here; you're done. -ed.]

Wow. And I thought the lactavists were nuts...

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