October 19, 2007

Got A Dadblog? What Is It?

Nothing against the fine folks in the DT sidebar, but I really want to read some new-to-me dadblogs. [And if I keep up the vaccination flamebaiting, I'm sure many other folks will be wanting to read a different dadblog, too.]

So if you've got a kid, a blog, and a penis, please tell me about them in the comments. You know what, how about just the kid and the blog? Thanks.


I've got a blog, step-kids, and a penis (of my very own!), so I think that qualifies me: stepdadding.com

It's less than a month old, though I've been blogging since 2000 -- I've only been stepdadding for just under a year. Thanks to you and the other dadbloggers out there for helping me to make this new life work!

I've got a dadblogging category on my blog which is where 90% of my current posts end up. And every time I post something that *isn't* about my 4-year old son, all my friends complain. Sigh.

To wit: www.procrastinet.com/archives/cat_dadditudes.html

You probably already clocked it, but MetroDad has a list of five new ones in his most recent post.

[it's what gave me the idea. I can't stop riding that guy's coattails forever, though -ed.]

I've got a two-month-old son and a blog.


It's not all dad all the time, but the little shit gets his fair share of attention on there, too.

Mine's not really a dadblog, even though it's at least 50% about my daughter. I just don't have the style quite right. But here it is anyway:


I've got 3 kids, but blog about a whole variety of stuff. Sometimes about the kids, sometimes not. I guess if you just want that, just check out the kids category :)


Hi Greg-

My husband is a stay at home dad and blogs about staying home with annie as well as some other various stuff at:



My husband does our blog about Baby, http://babydo.typepad.com/ It's mainly about the kid, and our family life in Amsterdam. No design fetish, though, that would be in my blog (me being the penis-less between the two of us).

I don't have a penis, but you can always link me Greg :)

My awesome fashion news, gear guide, store list, and links makes up for the lack of male genitalia.

[lol, I apologize to the great female bloggers and readers for my phallocentric bias. -ed.]

I recently started a blog. It covers a number of topics - fatherhood among others.


I've commented before, so you probably know all about me... Not that there's much to know, either. Sigh.

San Francisco, SAHD to a toddler, http://doodaddy.net



i am an olde-tyme gay blogger who recently adopted a wonderful baby boy here in.. you got it.. san francisco. i will admit that i don't keep up writing daily, but i do get a post in about once a week. i actually heard of your site when i was starting the adoption process because i was looking for other dad-bloggers.



It's not mine but a friend from way back has such a column for a local paper. Simon's been doing it for a while but it's only just been put online. Very funny, he's a great writer:


Likewise, I also have a daddy-blog. It doesn't get updated as often as I'd like, but hey, that's life.

I have a 2.5 year old daughter and another one on the way.


I dont have "a kid"... I have FIVE of 'em!

I do talk about the kids, but I talk about a lot of other things too.

The blog is titled "The Life of a Father of Five" and you can find it HERE. I have a list of Dad-Bloggers there too!

Y'all are welcome to stop by...

Pretty darn cool idea - I'll be taking advantage of all the new links here!


I've been blogging for 2 & 1/2 years in Spanish about our 2 year old daughter, Anna, born with a serious heart condition and Down Syndrome.

Regards from Barcelona, Spain.

And if you update your "recommended blogs" I am going to shamelessly plug goodyblog!
cause everyday i read dt and it's not there it hurts so bad...

Not a dad (yet), but Number One is due anyday now, so I'll play...


It takes me 3 hours to drink a single cup of coffee, I'm happy to get in a blog entry a week.

After having the "Coolest. Mobile. Ever." feature 'round here, somehow I am absent in the list 'o daddy blogs.

SAHD to a six and a half month old hockey baby. Divorced dad to the most beautiful seven year old on the planet. Professional amateur part time video game reviewer. Gamer. Cook. Lover. Owner of a penis.


Got inspired by DT while doing the inevitable and oh-so predictable bout of stroller research. So I'll add mine to the list. Its at http://www.thepackwoods.net/fatherhood. Mostly aimed at the distant grandparents and covers the fun and not of bringing up baby in London.

Got a LiveJournal that I post to on a somewhat regular basis.
If you want to know what the Gay Dads are up to, check out:

Not always safe for work.

Art Dada is about my art projects that are for and involving my (as of this typing) 7-week-old boy. Sometimes I also talk about dad stuff as it relates to art and music.


My blog is invisible.

I have a penis, a daughter, a blog and a foul mouth: http://angryginger.blogspot.com

I got a just-turned-two year old and another on the way. You can find me over at http://the-holmes.blogspot.com

I guess I qualify. I've been posting off-an-on about the Turtle's exploits since before he was born more than two years ago. Now he's got Beta to deal with--I guess that's why we had a period of mostly "off".


I just launched NonToxicReviews.com

I am focusing on product reviews, and my original store including Robot t-shirts, and the "recharging" onesie that looks like your kid is a recharging iPod while napping.

We have a growing message board too. We need your help there.

I'll be adding video podcasts over the next few weeks as well.

Come check us out. Let me know if *anyone* wants to exchange links

Hey, just started a blog about adventures in 'dad-land'.


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