October 19, 2007

DT Wonkout: FDA Panel Votes To Ban Cold Medicines For Kids 0-6 [Yes, SIX]

Well it was an awkward day for the infant cold medicine-hoarding MBA's in the house, let me tell you. The FDA's joint advisory commitees for non-prescription drugs and pediatric medicine met today to review and vote on a petition to...
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For Sexier-Than-A-Ferrari Minivans Size Matters Less Than Fit

The 2nd generation Honda Fit went on sale in Japan this week; it comes to the US as a 2009 model. And though LA Times car critic, new father of twins and--let's face it: size queen--Dan Neil says the...
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Suh-Weeet. Modern Design Alphabet By Blue Ant Studio

This is so great. Joel created it for his daughter Isabella. Though I could get nitpicky about why G is for Gehry when K is for Konstantin, the truth is, I don't know how to pronounce Grcic, either. And...
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Got A Dadblog? What Is It?

Nothing against the fine folks in the DT sidebar, but I really want to read some new-to-me dadblogs. [And if I keep up the vaccination flamebaiting, I'm sure many other folks will be wanting to read a different dadblog, too.]...
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NYT: Presidential Candidates Don't Give Damn About Child Care, Whatever That Means

In her NY Times column yesterday, Gail Collins points out that except for a content-free photo-op by Hillary Clinton, exactly none of the presidential candidates of either party will talk about child care in the US. Instead, they talk around...
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She's Baaack! ModMom Designs, Builds Owyn Toy Box

See, was that so hard? Kiersten at Mod Mom Furniture is making kid furniture in her garage again, furniture that's even based on her own designs. And it's not bad at all. As before, you can buy with confidence,...
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