October 18, 2007

WTD: Parent Blog Sks Design Blogger 4 Publicist 3-Way

Babble's looking for a design blogger:

...The writer (ideally a parent) should be obsessed with new and beautiful design, and be able to keep readers up to date on the latest design breakthroughs in everything from European strollers to organic baby clothes. We're looking for someone who has (or is willing to build) ongoing relationships with publicists and other sources who will help the blog obtain exclusive photographs and product details before anyone else...
Check out the full ad posted on Gawker Jobs, then send age, location, stats and photos --MUST include face shot!!--and what you're into to Babble's parent company, Nerve Media.

Design Blogger - Babble.com [jobs.gawker.com]


I thought we weren't going to be supporting those Flickr-jackers at Babble/Nerve anymore?

headline made me do spit take

Don't you just post a picture and review on Flickr and they pick it up that way?

[congratulations you just passed the test! Do you know any publicists? -ed.]

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