October 16, 2007

I Shall Call Him Mini Sleepytime Rocker From Nurseryworks

No way! Nurseryworks' signature Sleepytime Rocker and Perch Stool are now available in mini-size. It looks just like the regular Sleepytime, only smaller. See?


alright, actual information: it's 19" high and runs $325 [nurseryworks.net via nurseryworks' pr]


I don't have any affiliation with Nurseryworks, but I'll tell you that the full-sized Sleepytime rocker is the best bit of nursery furniture we bought. It's perfect for nursing in the middle of the night (low soft arms for ThisKid, high back for ThisGuy) and even now we do bedtime in it every night. And now that ThisKid is one, and I'm following her around the apartment all bent over all day, the little lumbar pillow is perfect for ThisGuy's back. The pillow doesn't seem to be in the photo above -- is it included with MiniSTR? Plus, when ThisKid needs more room, I'll take the chair to the living room, where it will fit in nicely with the Swedish-type furniture. And I will continue to rock.

[thanks for the perspective. you set my spellcheck on fire with all your compound names, btw. nice. -ed.]

I am both proud and sheepish. Who has two thumbs and refers to himself in the third person?

[daddytypes does. -ed.]

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