October 16, 2007

Jessica Seinfeld's "Hide The Vegetables In The Cake" Book Sounds Ridiculous

Since I don't watch Oprah and I didn't read the big NYT article about picky eaters, I have to get my Jessica Seinfeld cookbook news from Gawker. And it sounds completely ridiculous. No one but the housekeeper should have to...
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Playdate At The Mall: Friends With You's Rainbow Valley Playground

When I explained to the kid that I was going to Miami for a couple of days, she drew a blank. Then when I told her it was where the Malfi Playground was, she freaked out. And now I...
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I Shall Call Him Mini Sleepytime Rocker From Nurseryworks

No way! Nurseryworks' signature Sleepytime Rocker and Perch Stool are now available in mini-size. It looks just like the regular Sleepytime, only smaller. See? alright, actual information: it's 19" high and runs $325 [nurseryworks.net via nurseryworks' pr]...
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Where Would You Put A Free Eames Rocker? Contest At Design*Sponge

Suh-weet. Sparkability sure gets around. The newly redesigned Design*Sponge just launched a contest, and the prize is an Eames Rocker, courtesy of Sparkability [which is also a fine DT advertiser, btw]. To enter, just send D*S a photo [or...
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This Just In: A Bear Wearing Underwear

True, a teddy bear who's a big boy and wearing big boy underwear [we call the white ones "classics"] might help the kid along with his potty training. OR it could trigger an all-out underwear revolt when he realizes...
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