October 12, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: Mustang Rally, Bud & Cracker Barrel Edition

  • "You wake up on Sunday morning -- you don't expect to see a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old hooting down the street in a car." Unfortunately, dad was not the one who was awake. On the bright side, they stopped at the red light. [wisn.com via dt reader ponch]


  • It's Just A Blunt, I Mean Plant: In other news which made Milwaukee famous, the 20-yo mom and her friends who taught her 2-yo son to share a blunt also had a photo on her MySpace of the kid nursing an ice-cold Bud. The McDonald's commercial that precedes the local video story asks, "Need a little something cool to get through the day?" [wisn.com, though the full complaint's at the smoking gun]
  • This week's lead toy recalls are mostly from JC Penney and Cracker Barrel. Also, about 10,000 bendy dinosaurs, which were given out as church group promotions. Cracker Barrel and church groups with dinosaurs? Am I beginning to detect a darkly humorous, Darwinian angle to these lead recalls? [cpsc.gov, which has all sorts of alerts and feeds for all the recalls you might be missing]

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    It really makes you wonder who's doing all of the testing that's continuing to find these tainted toys. I'm betting not these companies. I truly believe at this point that if the toy was made in China there is no guarantee that it does not have lead paint on it. I'm betting we have all have toys in our homes right now that are on the brink of being recalled. I'm not too uncomfortable because both Connor and Caydee had lead tests at their appointments and both are okay... but it's seriously getting old.

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