October 10, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: Einstein, Pumpkins, Chico Edition

News from around the browser tabs:

  • The Washington Post has a nice takedown of the "educational" baby TV racket. Frankly, after soloing for most of last week, I have a newfound sympathy for any parent who decides to use a TV to zombify a kid for a while, but still, this quote from Baby Einstein founder Julie Aigner-Clark sounds so phony to me, I can't stand it:
    Aigner-Clark has said she drew the logo herself and chose the name to reflect Albert Einstein's "love of the arts, simple curiosity and passion for discovery" -- and not because his name is synonymous with genius. (Baby Einstein pays royalties to the late physicist's estate.)
    First and last, Einstein was known for being a genius--also for his hair. Pretending that his name has not become synonymous with freaky, forget-to-eat-for-three-days-scale brainiacism is just dishonest. [thanks dt reader john]
  • Crazy Hippie Farmer At-Home Dad wins crazy hippie beach town pumpkin growing contest [sfgate]:
    Size matters! Quick, tell Time Magazine! At-home dad Thad Starr, who won the Half Moon Bay pumpkin growing contest with a 1,524-lb entry. Surprisingly, his neighbors think he's "crazy." The kids have gotta be thrilled, though, so it's a net-plus. [via dt reader peter]
  • I Wanna The World, Chico, An' Ever'thinis Innit:
    Did you realize both Pope Benedict XVI AND Sandra Day O'Connor have pets named Chico? And that both Chicos wrote children's books? Yet more of the vast right-wing conspiracy cracked wide open by the "Breaking Media News" team at The Huffington Post. [via tmn, since I don't actually read HuffPo myself]
  • And can you believe that Rebel Dad's going to be five soon? They grow up so fast. Must. find. vegan. cupcake. recipe...


    I've got a pretty good vegan cupcake recipe.

    As soon as my son turns 5, I'll wade through all the crap that's built up the last week+ and find it for you...

    Just put a candle and some sprinkles on a round chunk of tofu...

    This comment on the slashfood blog entry on the pumpkin kept me chuckling for a good while:

    "I, for one, welcome our new pumpkin overlords."

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