October 9, 2007

Saarinen Womb Chair Now Available In Three Sizes: Just Right, Too-Small And Way Too Small


Interesting. Knoll recently introduced two child-sized versions of two of its iconic chairs, including the classic 1948 Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen and--I can't find the other one. [Maya Lin's Stones stools, perhaps?] Lin's around, but Saarinen's been gone for 45 years, so I guess Knoll knows what it's doing making 85% scale and 75% scale versions of things without the designer's input. [Right? Right??]

[update: holy smokes, the other chair is the actual Barcelona Chair, it was on the next page.]

The new chairs were announced in June at an office furniture expo in Chicago, but I'm kind of embarrassed to say I found out about the Womb Chair via the Neiman Marcus Christmas Wish Book. A child-sized Womb Chair in red fabric [the only version N-M offers] is modeled by a couple of hapless babies dressed up in offensive Juicy Couture outfits.

The small chair sells for about $370 less than the full-sized version [$2,267-3,315 for fabric]; Neiman's sells only the $3,315 model, naturally, and only in red.

Uh, how 'bout "Saarinen Womb Chair & cheap-ass sweats? Juicy Couture Baby Accessories & Chair [neimanmarcus.com]
Previously: Mini-Mies, kid-sized Barcelona-esque chair

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