October 9, 2007

Can We Eat It? Yes, We Can! Digger-Shaped Dinner Set


Seriously, a bulldozer is a hundred times more useful than a knife. Why has no one thought of that before?

Despite what you may read at BoingBoing, this construction tool dinner set is not by Tonka, just Tonka-colored.

Constructive Eating dinner set by Feed Kids Creatively, $20 [flyingpeas.com via boingboing]


The Kay Bojesen(1951) "knife" is something like a bulldozer.

[kidsmodern, is there anything they *don't* know? -ed.]

Our kid used that Bojesen set (until I mangled the spoon in the garbage disposal). She was never really into the knife-mover thing, but the spoon was perfect.

And $20 (!) for the bulldozer set? How much lead paint did they put into that thing?

[but it's dishwasher safe! -ed.]

Allow me to congratulate you on the Tribe Called Quest reference. You don't offer much insight on this site as to your musical tastes, so it's nice to see that you at least have a quoting familiarity with the classics.

I always thought that album had great kid-friendly music (Left My Wallet in El Segundo, Can I Kick It?, Ham and Eggs), and that no kid would really pay attention to the not-quite-as-kid-friendly stuff (like Pubic Enemy).

[and congratulations to you on missing the other reference to Bob the Builder; you're right about TCQ, though. -ed.]

ThisKid being only 1, I am not yet familiar with the BtB oeuvre. About which I am somewhat proud.

My Mom (born in '41) grew up with food "pushers." She and her two brothers each had a sterling silver "pusher." It was kind of like a butter knife with the blade twisted at a 90° angle. I used hers as a kid but it seems to be MIA.

-- cg3

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