October 7, 2007

Kid-Sized Exbox Chair By Giles Miller At London Design Festival


Giles Miller and Farm make a lot of things from cardboard. As sightings trickle in from last month's London Design Festival, it appears that a child-sized version of his new Exbox Chair is--or will be--among them. It was shown in Tent London.

It looks a little ragged ["true to the material!"], and if the rest of Farm's cardboard designs are an indication, it'll probably cost somewhere around 200 pounds, but still, it was at LDF.

Core77 LDF2007 photogallery: Exbox Chair by Giles Miller [core77]
Farm new collection [farmdesigns.co.uk]

1 Comment

Ragged? I'd say. And I'd pay about $50. You know - "true to the material."

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