October 7, 2007

Gochi House Blocks At Chigo


Chigo, Gochi, get it? It's a Japanese thing, reversing the syllables. It's also the answer to the question left over from Bubble NY last spring, about which of designer/guru Shinichiro Nakahara's constellation of shops, publishing imprints, and design brands would be used to market the toys they showed: none.

House Blocks are made in cottage-scale workshops from blocks of tamo wood, a native Japanese species in the mulberry family. They're painted on just one side. Each 10-block set comes in a decorative burlap sack. The blocks are an assortment of five colors and three sizes, just the right mix of house blocks to make a sweet little housing block.

Chigo's online store only ships domestically in Japan, but presumably, Gochi will be turning up at US retailers, too. Stay tuned.

gochi house block, 4,725 yen/bag [chigo.co.jp]
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1 Comment

Very elegant and understated. They remind me of the City Blocks by Kaden, but stripped down to the barest essentials.

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