October 5, 2007

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray For One Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Insane Ferrari 456 Wagons That I Can Keep


Venice Speciale. Seven 1995-6 stock Ferrari 456 GTA's leave the factory for Pininfarina and Italtecnica, who transform them into four-door station wagons. Sure, they're called shooting brakes, but please. Do I have to get the Sultan of Brunei himself on the phone to see what he calls them when he has one brought around for a late-night diaper run?

All that matters is that he only ended up calling six of them his. If the math holds, that leaves at least....lessee, ONE. One out there somewhere waiting. Would it be less than the reported $1.5 million sticker or more? It really is a mystery.

Six words written together for the first time: the Ferrari station wagon's cargo area.
Here's six more: the rear seats don't fold down.

QV500 has some model number registry legwork done [qv500.com via dt reader abdi and jalopnik]
But leblogauto has a sheaf of pictures, including the two seen here [leblogauto.com]


$1.5M (probably a lot more than that, actually), and the rear seats don't even fold down?!? What a rip off! And no webbing, tie downs, or bag hooks in the rear for cargo or groceries?!? Plus, it's pre-LATCH so you'll have to use the seatbelts for the carseat.

OK, if someone wants to buy me this, I'd find a way to make do, nonetheless.

I also think it's funny that you seem to lust with equal aplomb over a Ferrari "station wagon" (I think shooting brakes have only two doors) and a Mercedes B class or a Toyota van/wagon thing.

First, the Sultan gets those Bentley GT Continentals converted into SUVs. Now, he gets some custom Ferrari station wagons? I can't wait until next year when he gets Pininfarina to build him a few Lamborghini minivans. Then, he'll truly be the baddest soccer mom on the block.

[Clearly, I suffer from a lack of vision. I fantasize about getting those ride-pimping guys to turn a Civic into a wagon, but to make it look totally stock. -ed.]

At least there's a hatch in the rear seats so the sultan can slip his skis in there...oh, wait.

[yeah, they go in the Bentley SUV. -ed.]

I don't feel nearly so bad paying $3 for a gallon of gas when I know the money's going to an awesome cause like this.

[maybe it should be tax deductible. -ed.]

@Scott - "$3 for a gallon of gas"... I WISH! OK, OK, so the rest of the world has been paying much more than this for a long time, but we US'ers like to whine, whine, whine, baby!

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