October 4, 2007

The Daily Show Makes Unbearably Crappy Children's Books By Talentless Political Hacks Slightly Funny

From the Aug. 2006 DT review of political consultant Jeremy Zilber's children's book, Why Mommy Is A Democrat:

Zilber's only consolation--though it's one that won't help Why Mommy's sales--is that the "competition," Help, Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed is somehow even more humorless and doctrinaire. Better to leave the satire to The Daily Show and brainwashing children to the parents.
Well, it took'em long enough:

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Democrats wish they controlled the House, just like Mommy

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I remember back in 1984 when Dr. Seuss got political with "The Butter Battle Book", a tale that trivialized the moral distinction between the US and the Soviet Union. How many parents still read that one to their kids?

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