October 4, 2007

Supercalifreakin' Me Out: Baby Einstein Blocks Recalled For Lead Contamination


I give up. If you need me, I'll be eating Veggie Booty out of a lead bowl, drinking high fructose corn syrup out of a BPA-laced sippy cup, and watching the Hoobs until I've forgotten every multisyllabic word I know.

Kids II Recalls Baby Einstein Color Blocks Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard [cpsc.gov]
October 2007 Press Releases: three other lead-related toy recalls announced today [cpsc.gov]

Previously: Scientist says blocks are great, Baby Einstein's bad, Disney plays both
Also: everything's contaminated with lead.


Seriously getting old. I think it's high time the kids start playing with sticks and twigs outside. I'm making homemade play dough and we'll just not buy toys anymore. This is really getting ridiculous!

I'm all for sticks and twigs, but my daughter's gotten ringworm from playing in woodchips outside.

NM then we will just go buy a plastic bubble!!! Lol. I know... it's a shame we can't protect them from everything!

[better make it a polypropylene bubble; BPA-free. -ed.]

Wow. Well at least we still have Tiny Love, Kaloo, and Haba as companies that have never had a recall. But what can the older kids play with?

We need an AMERICAN made toy company.

We also need an effective government back.

Take a look at this. Not even the boy scouts are safe.

Scout badges recalled over lead concerns:


Oh for %#%^%&* sake... That's okay. The in-laws gave our girl those blocks, and she's never been interested in them anyway. She's happy enough playing with her trains. oh, wait....d'oh! Fine. She's been more into our fridge magnets recently. No good either? Yeah...the sticks and twigs route is looking more likely.

Sorry to say that I think Tiny Love has had at least one recent recall (on one of their mobiles, if I remember correctly), but I don't believe it had anything to do with lead. And Haba? They issued a statement within the last year or so, announcing that they were going to begin contracting out to China. They said that they had no choice if they wished to remain competitive.

Everytime we go to the store, I search in vain for a reissue of vegbootie. I am in withdrawal.

When I spoke to Tiny at the ABC Kids Expo, they told me that they have never once had a recall for any reason. If you have a link to a news items that says otherwise, please send it to me.


Patty, If TL says they have never had a recall, then it's entirely possible that I confused their mobiles, with those from another manufacturer. My apologies.

Be very relieved you didn't get the Baby Curie bath salts.

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