October 4, 2007

Maitz and Laphoeff Bunkbeds: One Of These Things Is Somewhat Like The Other


First off, let me say that I think that the principles of designing for kids--no sharp corners, integrated safety rails--and the nature of the low-volume, cost-effective manufacturing process, especially CNC routing of sheets of material, are not insignificant.

But damned if Thomas Maitz's new Amber in the Sky bunkbed doesn't look an awful lot like Laphoeff's 028 bed. Maitz surfaces his wood bed in felt, though, while 028's in MDF. Another difference: 028 exists, while AITS is still just a rendering AFAIK.

Even though they're similar, somehow Maitz's design reminds me of an incredible Andrea Zittel installation from a few years back, A - Z Cellular Compartments, but Laphoeff's design doesn't. Go figure.

Also wait, MDF? Can't that be any Pantone color under the sun? Why pink or blue?? Work with me, sheeple!

Thomas Maitz' Amber in the Sky and other new designs [kidsmodern.com]
Laphoeff 028 bedden, EUR780 [laphoeff.nl via babygadget


ok, the gutter was all over this design plagiarism thing back in the day, some would say that it has to do with parameters of cad programs, some with design culture. i dont really get it. if you are really looking at buying bunk beds, i think you note a lot of significant differences - the maitz is much less cave-like, the laphoeff has storage, etc. i think the similarities are pretty superficial. i think there is a signficant distinction, and I personally the maitz a lot more.

[I agree, though there's a glass half-copied debate, too. The integrated ladder is the most prominent, shared element, but I don't think there's any knockoffery taking place. That said, Maitz's earlier "Max in the Box" design is a duplicate of a cube chair that turned up in "Nomadic Furniture 2," but even then, it's such an elemental design, it's still not plagiarism. -ed.]

wow...i'd consider having another kid just so i could get either of those bunkbeds in my house. forget the copy cat-ness, i can't decide which i like better they are both so damn cool.


8 Sheets of 4x8 3/4" ply
1 hand router
10 lengths of 8' 1x2 (for inside corners and as rails for the bed planks)
Box o' screws
4 cans of spray adhesive
x yards of fabric (felt, microsuede, cowskin with the spots (if you're going for the whole Woody Jackson look), patent leather, etc.)

Do I sense a DT design plagiarism contest in the works?

Hmm... I don't know. My first reaction is 'way cool' then when I came back to it I'm thinking that this may be one of the 1st steps into getting my little man into a future life as a cubicle prarie dog. Is there anything out there that is a little more 'out of the box'?

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