October 4, 2007

'Ello, Ven. Wot About London [Kid-Free?] Design Week?


Is it just me, or did London Design Week and the associated events like 100% Design generate almost no kid-related design discoveries?

True, a couple of weeks ago, MoCoLoco had a seating roundup with photos of Andrew Millar's Teddy Bag chair. [fueledbycoffee put a pic on flickr of the Teddy Bag open and full of toys.]

And they also included a shot of Danish designer Kasper Salto's Brushhorse, but that's not new [kidsmodern, for one, posted about it months ago. It's called Brushhorse because the rockers are made with scrub brush material. Get it? Me either.]

There are approximately 150,000 hipmodcool babygear blogs now, and this is all we can come up with? Did the Roller Buggy set the bar so high last year, that it kept people away? Or is this a sign the cool baby bubble is bursting? Quick! To the Babies R Us!

London Design Week 2007 - 100% Design - Seating [mocoloco]
Last year: Nice hood ornament, Roller Buggy


Hahh! I'm back from London and let me tell you that I was not impressed. What would they like to see you get for your kids -a babysitter. So we took our Little Man and the Quinny elsewhere!


[thanks for the link. I've had the Museum of Childhood on my to-visit list for a while now. I just bailed on a trip to London next week, though, so it'll have to wait. -ed.]

That's funny. Was just going to say that's because the Brits don't exactly like kids, well, they prefer them in the "seen but not heard" vein.

Ciao Greg!

Well, one of the least publicised and most succesful events (I say, as an organiser) was the 'Design for Children' conference at Southbank Centre on Monday 17. Without the sponsors that attract significant publicity at LDF, architects, designers, educators gathered to hear case studies about architecture and design projects in consultation with Reggio Children (Michele Zini, Maurizio Fontanili, Vea Vecchi)- which links pretty well with Graham Bowley's piece last week. A display of PLAY+SOFT accompanied the conference.

Also, I read the link about the Museum of Childhood. It's true, we pulled some pieces out, because they were misused by teenagers and even adults! So it goes... The exhibition has been very well received and provoked much interest. Everything else is a learning curve.

Hope all is well in the US. We'll aim to come over in 2008!

Best wishes,

Matthew Giaretta

PS There's more information at the news page at our website www.studiouk.net
Keep well, Greg!

[d'oh, of course, I forgot, I was going to post about this before it happened... -ed.]

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