October 3, 2007

Eyes On The Prize: The Muno Lisa


So what better prize for the unofficial YGG! contest than an unofficial YGG! T-shirt?

Basically, it's made with a stencil cut from the iron-on transfer images on the Nick Jr. site.

If you make one yourself--possibly because you don't win this one, or because you figure you could do it a heckuvalot cleaner, sheesh--I suggest stealing transparencies from the office; those things are like $30/box, and you need 1, maybe 2, max. Also, pay attention to the opaque/transparent paint thing on the darker fabrics. It matters more than your textile-paint-virgin mind can know.

If your kid happens not to be anywhere near 12-18 mo-size, the kid and I will be making another one. [Which'll at least bring the per-unit cost of these bad boys down from the current $67 ($15 shirt, $15 paint, $7 brush, $30 mylar) to a more reasonable $38.]

There's still time to enter the YGG drawing--or to practice typing, "Gee, my kid's too big to wear your amateur crafty shirt, thanks though," in case you "win."

DT Fill in the Blank Contest: "My name is ____! I like to ____!" ends Thurs, Oct. 4


Next time, make the stencil out of freezer paper. Put the waxy side down against the fabric and lightly iron it. The stencil will stick to the fabric and if you wait until the paint is dry, you'll get much cleaner edges.

[aha. somewhere the parents of a 20-mo baby are thanking you. -ed.]

it's "the hand of the artist" coming through those bleeding edges...

it's the hand of the kid too short to hold the brush perpendicular's what it is. But you're right, I should totally be selling the unique, underground, handmade, by-kids-for-kids aspect instead of pointing out that it doesn't look like it came from a factory. -ed.]

For what it's worth, we all think the shirt is awesome.

[sweet, you got it. thnx and congratulations! -ed.]

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