October 3, 2007

The iCandy Pear Will Have Another 200 Configuration Options By November

DT reader Colleen asked about new double stroller coming soon from iCandy, the Pear, almost three days ago; I've had the iCandy site open in my browser since then, and I still haven't seen the animation of all the...
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Adorable Indian Children Dress As British Oppressors, Also That Wuss Gandhi

To celebrate Gandhi's birthday and the UN's International Day of Non-Violence yesterday [yeah, I missed it, too], Indian children were dressed up as the leader of India's independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi, and the pith-helmeted troops of The Raj, and...
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Eyes On The Prize: The Muno Lisa

So what better prize for the unofficial YGG! contest than an unofficial YGG! T-shirt? Basically, it's made with a stencil cut from the iron-on transfer images on the Nick Jr. site. If you make one yourself--possibly because you don't...
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Like-A-Big-Wheel: The Mini-Bike, From Samsonite. Huh Wha?

How awesome is this? A ride-on bike for a one-year-old, with superfat tires so it doesn't tip over? Also, it has a badass set of ape hanger chrome handlebars? Naturally, it's from Samsonite. That's right, they were doing more...
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Momoll Mia! Legno Doll House Furniture

Swiss awesome-maker Momoll has introduced a set of doll house furniture. You could use it with a Momoll slot-together doll house or their plexiglass tower of cool [shown here], or you could just use it to mod up whatever...
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Hand-Painted Restaurant High Chair In Springville, Utah

The kid and I went to Springville, Utah last week, in the Provo metropolitan area [sic, but less and less sic every time I go back]. La Casita #1 is still a reliable source of decent Mexican food, and...
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