October 2, 2007

Free Burma Marching Monks Stencil T-Shirt

Free Burma - Saffron Revolution monks t-shirt

I needed to practice making the YGG! contest prize--see those stencils on the left?--so I tested a stencil on one of the kid's American Apparel shirts.

It's from the blog Saffron Revolution Worldwide, which was an early, active resource for the swell of Buddhist monk-led protests in Burma.

Of course, by the time I got to the store, got the shirt, the paint, the transparency blanks for laser-printing the stencil, figured out how to cut it without slicing off my finger or ruining the design, got more blue masking tape, etc. etc., the brutal military dictatorship in Burma had already squelched the protests, mowed down monks and civilians and journalists in the street, locked down the monasteries, transforming them into prison-and-torture camps, and sealed off the country from the expectant eyes of the outside world.

So yeah, my name is Greg! I like to throw my kid onto a bandwagon for a kneejerk, commitment-and- consequence-free [for us, anyway], political cause! At least it looks cool. And now you know why the contest was extended.

Saffron Revolution [saffronrevolutionworldwide]


Caring about the world and not doing anything is far better than caring about nothing at all. Awareness can lead to change. And as we've learned in Iraq, sometimes action can be as bad as inaction.

[but t-shirts never matter. -ed.]

And, Yes - living with my parents is making me into a teenager again.

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