October 1, 2007

Yo Jersey, Don't Let Me Catch You Painting This Creative Playthings Kitchen!


Let's face it: 35-year-old play kitchens are going to be played with. It's usually enough to find one at all, much less one in pristine shape.

A three-piece Creative Playthings kitchen--sink, oven, and fridge--just hit the eBay. The stove burners are a little worn in spots, and there's a nick on the corner, but it's in remarkably nice-looking shape. The description suggests you could paint it to match your own kitchen. I suggest I will throw you in a trunk and take you on a oneway trip to the Meadowlands if I hear about such nonsense. So if you plan on painting, be prepared to run. Forever.

The kitchen set's located in southern New Jersey, near Exit 2 on the Turnpike, and it's local pick-up only. Exit 2 is 1h57m from Manhattan and 2h38 m from Washington DC. Those times are not approximate.

CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS 3 PC WOODEN KITCHEN PLAY SET -PU NJ, opening bid $10, local pickup, auction ends 10/6 [ebay] [result: $126.75, respectable. now I'm serious about that paint...]


And 15 minutes from Philly. ;)

[you have been warned, other ebayers. -ed.]

We had one of these! Alas, sent to Great Kills many years ago.

So why aren't you bidding on it?

[it won't fit in the car. though if it stays this quiet, I may break down and rent an SUV for the next run. -ed.]

I still have mine. I'm in california now and have a 1 1/2 year so dad is shipping mine out from New Jersey now!!

I have one brand-new in the box....never been opened. I don't have the room to store it, and my kids are almost past the age where they might use it, plus we have one of the plastic, fisher price disposable ones. How much would one be able to sell one for? And is ebay the best way to go about it? I looked through the listings today, and found nothing similar.


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