September 29, 2007

Thomas The Tank Engine Of The People's Glorious Revolution



I hate Thomas. These stories, written from the 1940s by an apparently rather crusty old vicar, seem to me to constantly harp on about how all the little engines should be obedient and "really useful" to the corpulent rich man who runs absolutely everything on the Island of Sodor. There are some really quite nasty punishments handed out to anybody who doesn't conform (poor Bulstrode).
And so Chris Bunting remixed his son's Thomas books into a rousing story of oppressed, wheeled proletariat throwing off their fat controllers and seizing the means of production. Great stuff:
And so Sodor became the People's Republic of Sodor. The Fat Controller was spared by the revolutionaries and found work as a coalman on the line to the quarry. He lost a bit of weight too.
In printable PDF or Flash: The Really Revolutionary Engine [buyo via thingsmagazine]

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