September 29, 2007

Slightly Puffy-Looking Dad Cops To Buying Age-Inappropriate Toys For 3-yo


Andrew Adam Newman reports on the front page of the NY Times Business section today that some parents are so distracted by the threat of lead-contaminated toys, they forget the old-fashioned dangers--like toys with many small pieces that can pose a choke hazard for younger children. At least that's what I was thinking as I read the piece:

Even in the market for new toys, shoppers are puzzled. Is a toy that is assembled in China from parts manufactured elsewhere any safer than one made entirely in China? Does a “made in Indonesia” label inspire any greater confidence?

“I think people are kind of stunned because they don’t know what to do,” said Greg Allen, who writes a blog for fathers,, and has a 3-year-old daughter. “You can’t just cut out every made-in-China toy. It’s just not realistic.”

On a recent visit to the Toys “R” Us in Times Square, Mr. Allen paused at a section of Playmobil toys, which he said are popular at his house. He trusts the brand because the toys are made in Europe and known for high quality...

Meanwhile, in the sidebar, Conscientious Dad AJ is testing his kid's toys with an at-home lead detection kit.

What's A Parent To Do? Recalls Make Toy Shopping a Source of Anxiety [nyt, thanks andy and annie]
Some Parents Test Toys at Home [nyt]
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Geez.. I'm glad I don't read this Greg guy's blog...

[you'd be so screwed. -ed.]

The caption under the photo reads like the news people are studying animal behavior in the wild...which I guess they sort of are.

But look at you - you're famous!

I've been wondering why you made that trip to the Times Square toys-r-us. The times photographer didn't want to get on a subway!

[they had these Onesies that said, "My first visit to New York City" on them, and I was all, "they should have some that say, 'I #@(*&-ing live here, pal." -ed.]

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