September 27, 2007

DT eBay Roundup: CP Farm, Swing & Miami Beach Netto

A few things I'm seeing on eBay--and not bidding on, so I don't mind telling you about them. This is how [some of] your eBay news is made, people!


An early set of Arithmetic Tangibles, this one's the Farm Picture Board. It's a big set of small, jigsawed, wooden farm animals, over 30 choke hazards in all [some, like the apple pegs on the tree, are missing.] Current bid: $10+10.55 s/h, auction ends Sept. 30th. [result: $21.50+s/h]


Doll Swing and Slide Set by Creative Playthings Inc.
A doll-sized slide and swing from the 70's? That's kind of cool, if a little random. No one should bid a dime until you find out what the shipping charges are, though; what an easy way to muck up your bidding. First bid, $7.55 + unknown s/h?? auction ends Oct. 2nd. [result: $7.99! did you get it, Matt?]


Modern David Netto Crib
Moderne, too. Netto cribs are unusual on eBay, but they can be a sweet deal if you're in the right zip code. This one's in "very good condition" in Miami, and comes complete with mattress and bedding, which seems a little gross. [Not that I'm Monk or anything, I'm just sayin'] Anyway, the all-important "Authentication papers" are available, too. Always keep records on the provenance of your future heirloom cribs. Current bid: $306, local Miami pickup only, auction ends Oct. 6th. [with one day left, $406. reserve not met. keep on going!]

[update: as AJ points out below, this is the Netto model that was recalled. So you may want to check the mfr date--and definitely get the papers; you may need'em to get your free replacement side rails. -ed.]


Greg, is that a different model than the Netto cribs that were recalled this month?

It looks similar, except without the linen boxes.

[nope, it's the same. good catch. wonder if second owners can still get the free replacement side rails... -ed.]

Is there some sort of cabal or system-of-honor in daddytypes ebay auction postings? Because if so, stay away from the swingset, y'all. My daughter wants it. :)

[I confess, if someone sends in a tip, I'll usually give them the option of trying to bid on it themselves. but beyond that... -ed.]

Original ownership shouldn't come into question when contacting a company about its recall. I've never been asked for proof of purchase (three recalls under my belt). They are obligated to make things right.

I bought a playpen at a garage sale for $5, quickly deduced it had been recalled 10 years prior (what?? the playpen looked good), mailed away key sections of sliced up fabric, and a new playpen arrived in the mail the next week.

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