September 26, 2007

Robert Wilson Had A Lot Of Children's Chairs


The artist/playwright/whatever Robert Wilson is apparently moving out to the Hamptons for good, or at least he's emptying out his fabled loft, the site of many a 70's-era SoHo surrealist theater premiere and smokeout. From the look of the lots in Phillips dePury's upcoming auction, Wilson is an inveterate Collector; there are hundreds of African masks and art objects, a dozen Haitian rag dolls here, a dozen Guatemalan sock monkeys there, a decent store's worth of mid-century modern furniture over there--and a rather unusual collection of kid-sized chairs. Go figure, then go shopping, I guess. The sale's happening this Sunday:

  • Lot 451: a "possibly c. 1800" Chinese kid's chair, est. $2-400. [sold for $612, $500 bid+22.5% premium]
  • Lot 607: a tubular steel and bent metal kid's chair that's pretty beat to hell, est. $1-200. [sold for $490]
  • Lot 608: an interesting but unattributed pair of molded plastic stools from the 1970's, also kind of beat. With an estimate of just $50-100, these could be the score of the sale. [or not. they sold for $490]


  • LOT 609 [above]: Andy flagged this one as the most interesting, and I have to agree. It's a painted steel and wood chair with a drawer in the seat. est. $150-200. [it went for $368]
  • Lot 610: an early (c. 2002) set of "Tarantino Studios" EVA foam tables and chairs, which were originally made for Design Ideas and are now distributed through Offi. In addition to the uncredited unusual objects, Wilson seems to be the kind of collector who had to have the new designs that caught his eye [like those Gehry chairs and that wacky Eames chaise.] est. $2-300. [went for $368, and to an internet bidder, too. finally.]

    The Robert Wilson Loft Sale, Sun. Sept. 30th at Phillips dePury [ via stork bites man]

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