September 25, 2007

The World's Iconic Brands In A Puzzle--Plus Atypyk


uh, Pine Tree Air Freshener

At first I thought the theme of this puzzle was Junk You Haven't Brought In From The Car. But then I realized that the white circle in the upper right says "Atypyk," the Paris design studio behind the puzzle, and I understood it was supposed to be The World's Seven Most Important Brands.

The English description says "peg puzzle," so check that the thing actually has pegs before you shell out your $US32 for what amounts to high-grade promotional swag.

Branded Peg Puzzle by Atypyk, $32.10 plus shipping [ via swissmiss]
Previous sweet-but-overbranded wood toys: Alexander Girard blocks by House Industries

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Speaking of copyright infringement....

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