September 24, 2007

Well, I Love Trash [Can Costumes For The Stokke Xplory]


This auction ended a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, but it deserves a shoutout: eBay seller and master craftyperson nimbus8895 [update: who only now comes out as DT reader and frequent tipster/commenter Melissa] made an Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume last year for her then-17mo son that fit over his Stokke Xplory stroller:

Well, I like to sew and last year for halloween I made a costume for my son which incorporated his Stokke Xplory. The costume is for a 2 to 4 Toddler, though an 18 month old would fit in it too. The can lid fits over the back of the stroller (and there is a handle on the opposite side) and the can parts wraps around the stroller with plastic tubing around the belly bar and needs to be taped with duct tape in the back. You can take the child in or out of the stroller without removing the can costume.

The ONLY difference from what you see above is that I later added handles to the side of the can.. I had FORGOTTEN those.

It was the CUTEST costume and it fit the xplory "high seat" so well. It really wouldn't have worked with any other stroller and asking a 17 month old to walk as much as the 10 year old wanted to was NOT going to happen.

If there is a HUGE interest, I can make more of these, but don't count on it as just the materials were $30 to make and it took quite a bit of time as the can has batting and is sewn to look like it has dented panels. The toddler costume is so cute and no mask to get in the way of the face - it's great for a cool night too!

Well, at least four Stokkenauts were interesteed enough to bid, but the awesome costume only went for $31+15s/h. I suspect if you ask nimbus8895 to make another one for you at that price, she'll tell you to scram, and rightly so.

Toddler Oscar the Grouch & can costumes 4 Stokke xplory, auction ended 9/16

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Hey, that's my husband and kid in that photo and I'm Nimbus8895! Cool!

I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was a cool costume! LOL

And, um... no... I wouldn't make that costume for $31 plus shipping (and then send it to the UK which is where the winner lives). But for $75, we can talk! (and only because I still have enough left over material - though different material as I changed my mind on what to use for the can and costume).


[cool yourself. don't keep these things a secret for so long next time, mmkay? -ed.]

Hello, today's date is 7/15. I saw your Chariot Carrier up for sale on ebay. How much would you be willing to take to end the auction early as described in Thanks.

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