September 23, 2007

My Name Is OJ! I Like To Steal!

IF I downloaded the first few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba! for the plane, this is how I did it: Bit Torrent.

Of course, IF I did it, it'd probably be going since last night, and it still wouldn't be done.

So IF my freakin' neighbors would upgrade their freakin' wi-fi connection...

[Oddly, IF I was searching, I didn't find any vintage Sesame Street episodes at all, not even the ones taped off of Noggin in the early days...]


_IF_ you wanted wi-fi you'd get it from your neighbors?

[d'oh, of course, that's what I meant. Or I'd sit outside the Continental President's Club at the airport... -ed.]

Did you find episode 3? Between that and those 5 Pitagora episodes with subtitles, who needs Noggin?

[pitagora, of course, If I ever search for those next...-ed.]

Running BT through a "borrowed" connection for hours at a time seems like a good way to get noticed. You're a gutsy guy- and cheap too! :-)

[If I did it, yeah. But that wouldn't be neighborly, sending the MPAA after the hapless grad students across the street... -ed.]

Has anyone ever found more than those 6 episodes from 2006 of Pythagora Switch that have been floating around for months?

Actually, when we get back from our next Japan trip, I'm just going to pay my cable company the $16.95 for NHK World/TV Japan and be done with it...

the title of this post made me snarf a hot beverage through my nose. I even imagined OJ dancing in a t shirt with Muno on it.

My name is Orenthal and I like to kidnap.

Ygg and Pitagora switch is what gets me through the day with my 2 yr old. thank god for DB fansubs Pitagora is even funnier when translated to engrish

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