September 21, 2007

The 2008 Fit: Mercedes A-Class, Built By Honda


That settles it. If the 2008 Honda Fit really does look like this, when it hits these shores, I can finally stop trying to figure out how to bring a Mercedes A-Class over on the grey market.

My current idea has been to import one for a year, then send it back. Apparently, there's some kind of DOT/EPA loophole for cars that are just visiting. But a sweet city car you can keep?? Now there's a concept I hadn't thought of.

Thank you, Honda, don't screw this up.

Some vaguely unauthorized photos of the 2008 Honda Fit [jalopnik]
Oh, good, there are more photos. Looks like we'll have to redo the seats. [jalopnik]


These people seem to think it is looking more like a mini-minivan

[if by minivan they mean high-roofed, they're right. If by minivan they mean boring and generic, well, -ed.]

I like the Fit, but we needed something bigger now that we have one 7mo old and aren't planning on stopping with just one. My wife and I really like her new Mazda5. Seats 6, has dual sliding doors, looks nifty, handles sporty, and is about the same length as my '99 Chevy Prizm and is probably shorter than her old car, a '99 Nissan Maxima. And I can see over it (I'm 6') without difficulty. It amazes me constantly just how small the outside of this vehicle really is. It fits parking lots, etc. just like her old car did, and since my wife did NOT want a hulking big vehicle, or to sit up too high, it is perfect. Best mpg of the available US-market 6 passenger vehicles (not counting those vehicles that do so with just two bench seats - it's hard enough sitting next to one infant seat, let alone sqeezing in between 2!) to boot.


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