September 21, 2007

Formwerks Went To The Eames Gallery, And All I Got Was This Lousy--Holy Crap, Dude! Is That A Molded Ply Rocking Horse??

This summer, the Eames Office and Vitra issued a limited-edition, molded plywood elephant based on an early, experimental design that Ray and Charles Eames made for their own kids, but never put into production. [Two were made; the Eames...
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Wow, Undoboy Mega-Blik Installation Video

Sheesh, I sure love the way the vinyl wall decal thing has taken off. But watching this 2-hour installation of a massive Blik decalscape condensed to 1-minute, I just can't imagine not totally screwing this up somehow. [Not that...
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This Week In Deadly Crib News: Bumper Study, 1MM Cribs Recalled

A team of pediatrics researchers from Washington University in St Louis reviewed 20 years of CPSC data and identified at lesat 27 infant deaths caused by crib bumpers. Their findings and recommendations--GET RID OF CRIB BUMPERS, DUH, THEY'RE POINTLESS AND...
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A Joan Crawford Alphabet, By Donald Urquhart

In 2004, London artist Donald Urquhart got a lot of attention for An Alphabet of Bad Luck, Doom and Horror, which filled an entire wall at Maureen Paley gallery with a childlike cataloging of universal woe, some of which...
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The 2008 Fit: Mercedes A-Class, Built By Honda

That settles it. If the 2008 Honda Fit really does look like this, when it hits these shores, I can finally stop trying to figure out how to bring a Mercedes A-Class over on the grey market. My current...
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