September 19, 2007

Victoria Staten X EasyWalker Sky Stroller Mashup

staten_easywalker_bc101.jpgAnd speaking of Victoria Staten, the Staten-on-Safari tent at ABC Kids Expo apparently contained a few new products, the most eye-catching of which is the Staten Edition of the Easy Walker Sky stroller.

Easy Walker's a popular Dutch brand [Seriously, throw a tulip bulb in Holland and you hit a stroller designer. What is UP with that country?], and Staten upholsters their top-line Sky model entirely in her trademark, rusticated-leather-finish, cotton miracle fabric. I might've used a bit of fabric somewhere, but I guess that's why Staten's a designer and I'm a strollerblogger.

The Staten Sky will be turning up in 2008, hopefully in time for you to walk the kid to the Caribou Club in Aspen. Patty's got more pictures and reports on the other Staten introductions at Baby Chic 101.

ABC Kids Report: Victoria Staten 2008 [babychic101]
EasyWalker Strollers []

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Because you really can't have too much of her trademark, rusticated-leather-finish, cotton miracle fabric...

More cowbell.

[don't fear the burper, it's washable! -ed.]

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