September 19, 2007

Gear Of Son Of Crunchgear

Gearblogger extraordinaire [and onetime DT guestblogger] John Biggs posted some highlights of his son Kasper's inventory at Crunchgear. There's a Quinny Buzz, some select Ikea, a few annoying plastic toys, and my favorites: actual obsolete gadgets and Polish-language toys from the grandparents in the Old Country:

Then there is the Shelcore Sound Beginnings Touch ‘N Teach laptop. This one is in Polish and English but you can get them here as well. The mouse on the front is supposed to be a computer mouse. It gets annoying after a while, which is why we let the batteries run down. I also gave him a few Motorola phones from 2001 and a cordless keyboard from an old Microsoft TV installation.
Back to School 2007: Pre-School Tech [crunchgear]

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