September 19, 2007

Bill Amberg Leather X Silver Cross Dazzle Stroller Colabo

silver_cross_amberg_dazzle.jpgPatty's still posting finds and reports from ABC Kids Expo on Baby Chic 101. If she's not the new Stroller Queen yet, she's at least the Stroller Crown Princess. One thing that grabbed my eye: a collaboration between the newly reconstituted Silver Cross and British leathergoods guru Bill Amberg, who's been described as "The butchest man in handbags" [about 100 times, actually, in this 2005 Times of London article.]

Amberg's got his own baby collection going on, which began with that sheepskin baby carrier, but he's big on the collaborations and commissions. For Silver Cross, he kind of toned down the Dazzle with natural-colored canvas and added a few asymmetrical leather accents here or there. And if it's important to you to have a totally coordinated look, there are also matching carriers and diaper bags.

This isn't Amberg's first foray into strollermodding, though. He was the leatherguy for my absolute favoritest limited edition stroller [so far], the Maclaren Ti Techno, issued in 2001. It was a $2,000 titanium Techno with a black Amberg saddle leather seat and canopy. The great part, of course, is that the titanium is so stealth, it was almost undetectable. Maybe too undetectable or ahead of its time, I don't know, but it didn't really catch fire. [If you have a lead on one, let me know, mkay? And yes, Jerry Seinfeld, that includes you.]

Anyway, the next Amberg stroller's due in 2008. See more pics and info at Baby Chic 101.

ABC Report: Silver Cross Pram 2008 [babychic101]
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I love it but the misses does not.. =-(

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