September 18, 2007

Hushamok: A Soloflex For New Parents

hushamok.jpgClaims of revolutionary functionality. Beautifully designed, A bit expensive but it feels worth it when you pull the trigger. And you'll be hanging your laundry off of it in six months.

Yes, the Hushamok is the sleekest new entrant in the rather specialized infant hammock market. The website goes long and deep on the ancient Central American heritage of hammocks. But the dramatically curved steel or aluminum stands and the eye-popping hammock colors are like Mayan Vice. [There's a bentwood beech version, too.]

The Hushamok offers the same bundle of solutions for troubled sleeping, acid reflux, colic, and the like as other baby hammocks. So first, there's a question of need: though a screamer can make it feel like forever, the practical usage window for a hammock can be just a few months. [The US weight rating is 22 lbs, but do you still use a hammock once your kid can sit or pull himself up?]

But if you've decided that you want/need a baby hammock, but were put off by the slightly crunchy vibe of the Amby Baby, and you didn't know about the Leander cradle because you're not from Denmark, then the Hushamok may be just the ticket.

Now if only it had a 200-lb weight limit and came with a bolt-on crossbar for the top, you could do pull-ups on it.

Hushamok infant hammock company site []
Buy a Hushamok from $429 at Genius Jones, deliveries start Oct. 31 []


that is a sweet hammock. We used the amby, and the first night in it our daughter slept 6 hours instead of the three she was normally sleeping after a week she was sleeping 9 hours straight (at 2.5 weeks), it was a godsend. Can you adjust the angle of hammock on this model? It looks so much better than the amby, but much more expensive. For what it is worth, we used the amby for 5.5 months.

I loved the Amby hammock. My first son used it til he was just over a year. Second son was done with it - and let me know just how done he was - by five months.

I'm trying to preserve it for my grandkids. We'll see.

Gotta admit, the one you picture here is just beautiful.

Much more attractive than the Amby--and looks like it hangs higher, with a bigger opening so it's easier to get in and out of. Doesn't look like there's a spring, though, which was the most important piece of the Amby at our house (like having a snooze button for the baby).

Data points: Baby #1 used it for 5.5 months; baby #2 used it for 8 months.

We used the Amby for around 5 months here, too. I agree, Bobbini- a hammock without a sprint like the Amby would be worthless to me! I don't care how beautiful.

I inquired about this amazing hammock and the bar that's used to hang the hammock to the stand. Actually it is a spring!! I was told its similar to what is used in car suspension systems. What a cool concept. I must get one....

Like the suspension in a car? So the cross bar is a leaf spring? I wonder what the bounce is like, and does bouncing make the sides flap in and out (don't know whether that would bother the baby but it would bug me, I think.)

No flapping of the sides - the leafspring is stiff but not too much. The entire hammock moves as one unit - the hammock moves like a stork flying through the sky with a baby - I got a chance to play with it at ABC expo.

I see no-one's mentioned the Moffii Oberon, a faintly pretentious but rather attractive UK-sold stand for the NZ Nature's Sway hammock.
The range is still in development but they promise both a bouncer and a playhouse to extend the useful life of the frame.

Our baby's godparents bought us a Hushamok hammock for $600, we recently discovered it was going moldy underneath our baby! We got a replacement but this has the exact same problem, it gets very damp with normal use and will inevitably start going moldy as well. Hushamok deny it's a problem but we live in a dry house with plenty of ventilation and don't get dampl anywhere else. We're concerned that other parents may have the same problem and not realise the hammock is making their child ill! I'd suggest buying a cheaper hammock that doesn't have a plastic insert.

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